Why Being Honest With Yourself Is Important In Finances.

Why Being Honest With Yourself Is Important In Finances.

Healthy finances have a lot less to do with numbers than most people think or are willing to admit. We all know that you have to spend less than you make in order to save, yet we are generally terrible at it. Why is this so? Because we are not honest with ourselves.

In order to consistently spend less than you make to then save more, we have to discover what is really in control. Are our impulses in control or are we in control. To some degree there will always be a little bit of both. The goal is to not be perfect but to be more in control than not.

So where do we start to find the areas of being out of control? Well, it starts with a willingness to look inside yourself to find things that are not aligned with who you want to be. Your daily financial transactions are a window into who/what is in control. To help you to discover areas of weakness, we have partnered with a firm that creates Financial Behavioral Assessments to help you to find weak areas to begin strengthening. Clients have access to full fledge assessments but we also provide free versions for everyone else.  

If you are willing and open to be honest with yourself, I encourage you to click the link below and take some of the assessments.

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